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Department of Plant Systematics: Angiosperm Working Group - Prof. Dr. Sigrid Liede-Schumann

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Fischer, E; Venter, HJT; Killmann, D; Meve, U; Venter, AM: Epistemma neuerburgii (Apocynaceae, Periplocoideae): A new epiphytic species from Nyungwe National Park, Rwanda, Africa, South African Journal of Botany, 77, 680-684 (2011)
Key words: Africa (Rwanda Uganda); Apocynaceae; Periplocoideae
A new species, Epistemma neuerburgii is described. This species was discovered in the Nyungwe National Park, Rwanda, Tropical Africa during a field investigation of epiphytes in montane rainforest. It was, however, also found in Uganda, in similar environment. E. neuerburgii is the fourth species described for Epistemma, but the other three species are found about 2000 km to the west in Cameroon, Gabon, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Nigeria. E. neuerburgii is an epiphytic climber distinguished by fairly large lanceolate leaves and conspicuous reddish-purple flowers with corolline white, densely hairy corona lobes.
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