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Chavez, JG; Banag, CI; Meve, U: Timonius eremiticus (Rubiaceae), a new species from the Philippines, Blumea, 65(2), 104-106 (2020), doi:https://doi.org/10.3767/blumea.2020.65.02.03
Timonius eremiticus, a new species from Mount Pulgar, Palawan Island, the Philippines, is here described and illustrated. It is morphologically close to T. flavescens but is characterized by membranous to chartaceous leaves with 2–4 pairs of lateral nerves, ivory-white corolla, bracteate staminate inflorescences bearing bracteolate flowers, 5-petaled pistillate flowers, (sub)globose fruits that are round and not 4-angled, and pyrenes being obliquely radiated in cross-section of fruits. Timonius eremiticus is assessed as Critically Endangered following IUCN criteria.
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